We are a network of D9 business owners and professionals

sharing common goals of success through a common bond of Greekdom.

The Purpose

The purpose of the D9 Directory is to support and promote D9 business owners and their brands. We are stronger when we support our own. For businesses to obtain economic success, they must have support. Receiving that support requires visibility. Our mission is to help provide that visibility.

The Product

The D9 Directory is a platform that allows D9 business owners to promote their brands. The platform also enables D9 Chapters to publish a filtered version of the directory on their websites.

The Plan

Our Vision is to provide a platform that enables business owners within the network to be found easily and quickly. The Plan for the platform is to extend beyond commerce and introduce opportunities for guidance and mentorship from those who achieved success in their respective fields.

The Founder

Aric Tucker is a business owner and Producer of the Greekly Speaking podcast. He is also a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.